Choices For Health & Happiness

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Life is not a Rehearsal Itís the Real Thing! 


Jo-Anne is the director of Holistic Health Center in Fort Morgan, Colorado. Her research and expertise in nutrition, stress management and self-esteem have benefited thousands. She inspires many with her own recovery and guides others in discovering their health and happiness. As lecturer, writer and professional consultant, thousands have regained their health, overcome fear and created a whole new life. She truly is a "Guide on the Side"-an emissary of love, whose writings create a parable of understanding.  


This book describes the fundamental support systems for developing:

  • Natural remedies for alcoholism
  • Craving of sugar, caffeine or other substances
  • Freedom from Disease
  • Good Self-Esteem
  • Releasing Fear
  • High Energy Level
    • Permanent Weight Control
    • Being Open to love
    • Learning to Trust
    • Taking Charge of Your Life
    • The Secrets of Success

    Healthy Choices - Cook Book

    Spiral Bound Book Contains 279 pages

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