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I've lost 20 pounds in six weeks, my arthritis is practically gone and my sinus infection is cleared up. I'm amazed! Who'd believe eating different and a few vitamins could make such a difference? 

Vivian P., Pleasantown, Connecticut


This is the fourth book I've bought. I've shared these with my friends I gave my therapist one and also my chiropractor. They'd never heard of such an approach. It Really Works! I feel like I know you even though we've never met. Really worked for me! Thanks for sharing your life and knowledge. The book is great!

Dan L. R., Livermore, California


Super book! I'm a 12-step person and this filled in some gaps for me. The nutritional ideas have been so helpful to me. The cravings are really gone. This book helped me make a needed change in my life. Thank you.

Donna M., Columbus, Ohio


I love your book. Do you have others available? You have a profound way of sharing!

Shirley B., Tampa, Florida


Your book is profound. Your vitality and courage to be open and honest are truly an inspiration. You have inspired me to make many needed changes in my life. I have never felt as good physically as I do right now. Thank you!

Gerald B., Denver, Colorado


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